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We Are Now Testing For COVID-19

Providing COVID-19 Rapid & PCR Testing, Elite Diagnostics Laboratories Is Standing With Our Community To Assist Schools, Businesses, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, And Doctor’s Offices To Detect & Limit The Spread Of The COVID-19 Disease.


PCR Testing is available, Call Now To Get Tested

COVID-19 PCR Test Request Form

  • Please Scan The QR Code Only On Your Testing Day. This Will Be The Date On Your Test Result.
  • It Is Important To Fill In All The Fields Correctly.
  • Fill Out This Form With Your Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, E-
  • Mail, And a Good Phone Number To Reach You.
  • You Should Receive a Confirmation Code As Soon You Submit The Form.
  • If You Didn’t Receive the Confirmation Code, You Will NOT Receive Results.
  • Once you sign in and fill out the necessary forms, our qualified staff will guide you through the process.
  • The PCR Results Will Be Sent To The E-Mail Provided.

Scan the code on the exam day


PCR Testing


We Are Now Testing For COVID-19

Providing COVID-19 Rapid & PCR Testing, Elite Diagnostics Laboratories Is Standing With Our Community To Assist Schools, Businesses, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, And Doctor’s Offices To Detect & Limit The Spread Of The COVID-19 Disease.



RT PCR Test – Same Day Result $100 Rapid PCR Test – Results within 30-60 min $150 Rapid Antigen Test – Results within 15 min $50
Free Testing is Available. Call Today To See if You Are Eligible.

Real Time PCR


While the PCR detects the RNA of the virus, the RAT detects the viral protein (the spike protein) in the nasal swab. RATs require a higher quantity of the virus in the sample than the PCR.
As a result, RATs are less sensitive, especially in patients who are early in their infectious period. A positive result in any RAT may require a confirmation test by RT-PCR Test.


Covid Test scaled

Elite DIAGNOSTICS Laboratories Offering COVID-19 Rapid PCR, RT-PCR, and Rapid Antigen Testing Performed Through Nasal Swabs For Patients Who Are Suspected Of Having Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19).



We offer highly accurate RT PCR Testing for the qualitative detection of the COVID-19 virus. This is the PCR Test required by most airlines for international travel.



The Accula SARS Covid-19 Rapid PCR Testing is a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) for the detection of COVID-19 viral RNA in 30 minutes.
Approved PCR Test For Travelers.


What is a PCR diagnostic test?

A PCR diagnostic test is considered the gold standard for COVID-19 testing. It detects active coronavirus infections with 99.9% accuracy. This will confirm the diagnosis and help to determine whether an individual should isolate from others.

Do I need an appointment?

No appointment is necessary. You can simply walk-in to the lab during working hours to have our trained on-site staff collect samples for diagnostic testing.

Does Elite Diagnostic Laboratories accept my insurance?

We have a list of insurers which we can bill directly. If your insurance is not included in this list, we will give you a receipt to get reimbursed through your insurance.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring your insurance card and ID when coming in for testing. If you have a doctor’s order, please make sure it has a diagnosis code on the order.

How long does it take to get my test results?

Typically, you should receive your lab results within 48 hours. Our staff will collect the samples, run the necessary tests, and send you the results by email, or print them out if needed. You will be able to download your results as a PDF with the lab certificate. You can share it with airlines, or employers if needed.

Do you collect samples from schools, colleges, medical facilities, or nursing homes?

Yes. Our qualified team will visit your facility to collect the samples from the patients and will update the health care provider and the patients about their results.

Justin Jia
Justin Jia
Timely delivery of results and very courteous and professional service.
Kathleen Relatores
Kathleen Relatores
Excellent professional service. Highly recommended for PCR testing in Chicago.
abdulnasser abdulnasser
abdulnasser abdulnasser
Outstanding people working here, quick and efficient, extremely kind to be working on the 4th of July. I also loved that we could choose what kind of test- with the option of PCR saliva test! My kids were thrilled! Not intrusive like the nasal PCR. Also, online scheduling was straightforward. I strongly recommend them.
Emad Hamad
Emad Hamad
This is the best COVID testing site I've come across, in the area of IL. They are very prompt in providing the service and sending the results. You will get your result in minutes for the rapid test. I'm 30 minutes away in Chicago and it was worth the trip here. Plus now they're actually still open versus a vast majority of the other sites being "temporarily closed".
omar alzuhire
omar alzuhire
I would recommend going to Elite Diagnostics Laboratories for PCR testing in Woodridge to everyone. The employees are friendly and kind. The wait is never long. You get your Rapid PCR test results within 30 minutes. The results are sent to your email on time.
Omar Zu
Omar Zu
I love the pre-registration and that they actually use it (I have been to other testing sites that make you fill out the paperwork in person even if you fill it out in advance). They allowed the adults to do their own swabs, while the nurses swab the kids, which I appreciated because they were way better at swabbing my daughter than me or my husband could. And they were super kind to our daughter (5 yrs old). They get you the Rapid PCR results within about 1 hour of your visit via email. So you don't have to wait around for results. I have done an RT PCR test at this location before, and the experience was awesome. We received the PCR results in 4 hours.